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Chapter 474 - Ruling Force - Part 2


A massive expedition against the massive dark legion.

Not surprisingly, all the game broadcasters began to broadcast the northern expedition in a huge manner, and viewers were screaming out of joy.

What did it mean to broadcast the same content on multiple channels?

The northern expedition that was going on, had too much happening and too much to see, and a single channel couldn't even display 20 percent of what was happening.

Therefore, in the current situation, the broadcasters were using expedition videos in various angles according to their respective concepts for the viewers.

And if one wanted to see the overall progress of the expedition, the gorgeous controls of the rankers, for those who wanted to see small episodes of the expeditions or a story of the quest, they could just change the channel according to their wish.

In order to attract the viewers, the broadcasters were holding their own special concepts and broadcasted them. The smaller the broadcaster, the more original concept they displayed.

This was because as there were distinctions from the big broadcasters, there was room for viewers to enter.

And in this expedition broadcast, there was one channel that succeeded in the concept.

- This is so crazy! A fight between Shakran and Ian…!

- I agree. TvM or what, I put the channel for the first time, and I stayed looking at it for 5 minutes not even realizing it.

- I'll be using this frequently. I don't which PD planned for this, but I really commend them.

- Keu, it is really a bit hit. When will I be able to play like that?

- How many scores have you made so far?

- Well… it is a bit weird to say out the scores, however, Ian is still dominant. Maybe, around 7: 6?

- What sir? I've counted everything so far and it is exactly 6: 8. It just got higher with Ian killing the corps.

- Hehe, it is really hard to tell about who had superiority. Honestly, wasn't it just a difference?

- The superiority is hidden, and the gap will widen too. Why you ask… because Ian is a God.

The concept of TvM's game broadcast wasn't something else, it was the rivalry between 'Ian and Shakran'.

As the scale of the war was great it had a lot of content in it, which meant it was like concertation for the selection.

TvM didn't exactly focus on the two people from the very start.

The original concept of the TvM was to catch up with the rankers.

By carefully analyzing the play of the rankers, it was their intention to provide a detailed view of their play.

Thus, the first ranker that TvM chose was Ian.

It was natural as Ian was the no 1 user in the Korean server ranking, so was the first in order.

Since he had the most fans, that could also help attract viewers.

However, it didn't take much time for the broadcast to have a rush, as the main focus changed to Ian.

The project PD capturing Ian and Shakran competitively catching the named monster decided to change the concept.

Even the title of the broadcast had been changed from 'catching up with rankers' to 'Ian vs Shakran'.

It indeed was a very stimulating title for the users of the Kailan's Korean server.

In fact, the 1st and 2nd rankers of the human world created the confrontation composition, it something that one couldn't see even when not playing.

As the intent to revive the show, the humans; Ian and Shakran, the expedition were conquering the dark castle.

One day or two days, maybe a week later or so.

The forces of the human world would finally cross the 'river of darkness'.

The huge castle of Lich King, which was known as—Black Castle.

And arrive at the 'Falcacio'.


"Is this Falcacio?"

Mumbled Ian while looking at the huge wall that was towering over a cliff.

It was the first time for Ian to look at the Falcacio castle, however, there had been a few other rankers who had been their before.

To be precise, it wasn't the Falcacio castle, it was a nearby field of the Dark River.

It was the best experience gathering hunting grounds that existed.

In the case of Ian, as he had to constantly pursue the quests he didn't have the time to go to a hunting ground, but the rankers who were mainly trying to level up would try to find fields that would give out more experience.

And as a result, some of the rankers insisted on hunting the field near the 'Dark River' even at the risk of getting in the eyes of the Lich King.

And Shakran was one such user.

"Dammit, since the road is opened, now the place will be busy."

At that response from Shakran, Ian smiled and answered,

"You would've sucked in all the good things, why are you feeling so bad?"

"Kid, I'm not feeling bad. Once this episode gets cleared, there are going to be better hunting grounds than this one right here."

Since the war expedition had already defeated the dark castles, it was much easier to reach the 'Dark River' than before, and so many users would find the hunting ground.

Two people were talking about it.

"Hmm, yeah well. It is always the best to take in the new content as early as possible."

"Right. That is why I am playing this according to your rhythm."

"Ho ho…"

That was the conversation between the two.

And the battle would soon resume.

The war against the legion of darkness which had lasted for almost a week wasn't so easy.

The time of breaking through was very fast, however as the strategy was very aggressive, many troops died in the progress.

Among the users who were in the expedition, there were a few users who received more than one penalty.

Despite the penalty, users didn't leave the expedition because of the huge contribution and rewards.

As the Titan, Lotus and other guilds that were in the top positions gave up on the contributions; because of that, the general users were able to gather huge amount.

All thanks to that, the motivation of the general users who were participating in the expedition increased a lot, which lead to an increase in the force.

The attempt of Ian to contain and stop Shakran had a positive attack like this.

Thud- Thud- Thud-!

The loud sound of drums started to announce the beginning of the war, and the sound went through the whole wide plain.

At the same time, the orders of all the leaders started at the same time.

"All forces, advance!"

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"We turn near the cliff and go to the northeast!"

"We pierce through the underground passage below the cliff!"

Thousands of troops quickly scattered in all the directions and began to move towards the Falcacio castle.

And the view of watching it from the sky was just spectacular.

At first glance, it looked like everyone moved freely, it was because of the formation patterns.

Lucia and Hines, who were responsible for the commentary of YTBC, began to comment while overlooking the battlefield.

"Ah, Hines, the expedition forces have split into five branches and are trying to take different routes to attack."

"That is right. Looking at their movements, it seems like each troops have their own planned strategy!"

"Hines, could you please explain to me a little about the strategy of the expedition?"

"Strategy of the expedition?"

"Yeah. I understand that all the troops should breakthrough by intensively attacking one place like they did before. But, if the troops are dispersed like that, the siege will be difficult."

The two seemed to comment very leisurely, however, the two of them were very nervous.

Many users were watching the live broadcast, which meant that there shouldn't be any mistake while commenting.

And among those two, Hines, who was in charge of the direct commentary was the most important.

Hines began to carefully explain the expedition's strategy.

"Haha, I can't be sure, but let me tell you about the strategy that I think."

"Oh-oh, Hines!"

"Hmm, since this is just a prediction, my words can be wrong too, you know?"

"Haha, surely. How can you exactly predict the strategy if you aren't the head of the expedition?"

"Then, let me brief you."

When Hines was done talking, a video came in front of them.

It was a plan about the structure of Falcacio castle from the top.

"The Falcacio castle has three points of entry."

As Hines continued, he pointed to the floor plan of the Falcacio castle.

There were three red spots which indicated the north, east and west sides of the castle.

"However, there are two more hidden entry ramps for the Falcacio castle."

As Hines said that, two red dots began to move around the southern edge of the Falcacio castle.

Lucia, who was intently listening to the explanation of Hines, opened her mouth to help the free flow of information.

"Oh, so there is something like a hidden driveway in the south?"


"But isn't the castle of Falcacio on an extremely high cliff? How would they even manage to climb up that high?"

As she asked this, Hines smiled and shook his head before answering.

"Haha, no way. If they try to climb up the cliff, they won't be able to reach the walls and will be wiped out way before."


"At the bottom of the cliff is an underground prison which leads to the Falcacio castle. It was a dungeon that a few rankers who were on the quest related to the Lich King have discovered last month."

"Such places exist?"

"Yeah. It had been kept secret as it was hidden till now, however, I, Hines have obtained this information after asking a few people of the expedition."

"Oh-oh, really? But is it alright to open the secret information this publicly?"

"Haha, it is all fine. The head of the expedition has given the permission. And the enemies are NPCs and the battle has already begun too."

"Ah right…!"

"According to my analysis, the remaining three units are likely to infiltrate through the underground prison, and attract the attention from the castle."

Lucia nodded with a twinkle in her eyes.

"Sure! If the underground prison is cleared, it will get really easy to enter the castle grounds!"

"That is right. Which is why I think that the most powerful ones, Lotus and Titan would be the ones to enter that underground passage."

On the screen where Hines was floating, arrows were drawn to help the viewers understand the expedition that was moving.

And the excitement was high right from the beginning as the start of the attack on the final boss got initiated.

Many viewers were looking at the broadcast without taking their eyes off the screen, it was the same for the chief planner Na Ji-chan.

As the rush of the past few days had settled down, he started to watch the broadcast again.


Na Ji-chan tore open the package of the potato chips as usual and was concentrating on the screen, he was so into the screen that he wouldn't even know if a thief had entered his home.

His viewing point, however, seemed to be very different from what the others would watch.

'Huhu, you too are trying to attack the underground passage.'

Staring at the screen, Na Ji-chan's lips went up to the corner making a nasty smirk.


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