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Chapter 475 - Ruling Force - Part 3


The location where the Falcacio castle was located, would be a perfect location to be called as 'heavenly fortress'.

The best entry point on the south was from the outside of the cliff, and the three access roads had a rugged path which made it hard to reach.

The topography was so terrifying that it even made Ian flustered were checking out the territory.

He wasn't able to understand how the wall was supposed to be pierced.

Riding on the cliff wasn't possible, and if they decide to attack via another route, it was obvious that too many troops will be lost while on the way there.

It was because the path to turn around was entirely within the range of the defensive tower.

In addition, since the Falcacio castle's defensive tower consisted of the highest-tier, which meant that the firepower of theirs was very great.

The siege difficulty of the Falcacio castle was hard-core, it surely was the final boss of the episode.

The concerned stricken Ian and expedition team were gathering the information that was enough to open their eyes.

Just one day before, there were rankers who attacked the 'underground prison' dungeon of the Falcacio castle.

Most of them belonged to the expedition, and it leads to the unexpected discovery of a route that would help them infiltrate the castle.

A secret passage that would allow them to infiltrate the castle through the hidden passage.

If the passage was used well, they would be able to enter the castle with minimal damage.

Therefore, the moment the information was obtained, the last siege was going at a full swing.

"This is really like a god's guidance."

"Right. For the people, continue attacking inside the dungeon for the expedition… I'm just glad."

"What would we have done if we didn't have the route?"

"Phew, even the thought is making me crazy. Maybe as it is still the early days of the episode, all the troops were placed only on the outside."


"I agree. No matter how much we broke through, we don't have enough troops and might not have been able to resist them."


In the sieges that were done so far, almost half of the operation was done by Ian.

Surely the other guilds who had strategists like Emily too were there, but most of them were completed by aligning the strategy with Ian.

However, it was different this time.

Anyone could see that a good strategy had been established right away, and the siege route was decided as soon as the leaders gathered.

Ian had nothing to argue either.

Honestly, in those times, he had no intention of raising an objection.

'Since there is no place to move, this is the best strategy that one could follow…'

After the strategy meeting, Ian was starting to feel a little uncomfortable.

Maybe it was something like a 'feel', however, Ian didn't speak to the other users about those feelings.

Tackling with a fixed strategy while not having a solid foundation, it didn't fit the personality of Ian.

'Maybe I'm feeling uneasy as it was very well laid out?'

The reason for Ian to feel like it was simple.

It seemed like someone's 'waiting for it' kind of situation, the solution that had come up was exactly right.

Besides, it was the last castle, which meant that it had the highest level of difficulty—there was no way it would have been designed to be broken that easily, and this amplified the anxiety.

However, it would be a simple dumbfounding to change a strategy due to unknown anxiety.


Ian who was in charge of the elite unit that was going to infiltrate the underground bit his lip.

The closer they got to the entrance of the underground prison, the more complicated the thoughts of Ian started to get.

Fiolan who was walking right behind Ian asked Ian out of concern.

"Ian, what is it? Is something the problem…?"

Ian scratched the back of his neck and put up a small smile.

"Ah, nothing. Not exactly a problem…"

But the moment they were going to enter the prison, Ian stopped immediately as if something important had crossed his mind.


As a result, the troops of Lotus which were following Ian stopped in unison, and the troops of Shakran and the Titan's elite passed by.

"Hyung, what is it suddenly…?"

Hoonie asked Ian with confusion registered in his eyes, but instead of answering, Ian turned his gaze to the back.

He gestured to his retainer 'Celia' who was behind the unit.

"Celia, would you please come over here?"

Shocked by the sudden call from Ian, Celia jumped forward.

"Yes, your majesty."


"Huhu, what did I say? The time of one week, didn't I tell you that it wasn't so short?"

An eerie atmosphere caused by two unpleasantly shining lanterns in the room.

A total of six to seven users were sitting together looking at something.

And in them was a man with a red cloak and black mask, who spoke with a heavy voice.

"Surely Ian… hmm, I admit whom I have to admit."

And one of the archer users, who was right next to him narrowed his eyes.

"That guy really has a downpour of luck. To be able to come up to the Falcacio castle this quickly, isn't it all because luck is on his side?"

The other user who was right next to him nodded and agreed to those words.

"Even I agree with you. However, I don't plan on ignoring him or his abilities, however, I still feel like things are exaggerated around him as he has good luck."

The man in the black mask who spoke first shook his head and clicked his tongue.

"It seems like the two of you have been disconnected from the human world for way too long, haven't you two lost your senses?"

At those words, the archer user was huffing back.

"What did you say? Lost our senses. If I had lost my senses, do you think I could've placed my Royal Guild in the ranks of Devildom?"

"Well, I do accept your spirit in that, however, don't you think that every eyes sees things differently?"


"Ian definitely is an excellent player. So good to the point where no one here can be compared to him."

At those words of the man, the discomfort was clearly registered on the faces of all of them.

And there was no one who argues against it.

And the words of the same man followed again.

"Well, it seems like the time is getting closer."

This time, the man in a red cloak rose from his seat and opened his mouth.

"This time, it's time for payback."

At that time, the man nodded and smiled.

"Yeah, 'Irahan'. Aren't you the one who has the most debt to Ian among all of us?"


From the red-cloaked man, who was called as Irahan, a heavy huff left his mouth.

A huff that felt 'han' at the end.

"Right. I still haven't decided on how to pay back my debt."


As Irahan took a step, the red cloak on his back began to flutter.

And subsequently, all the other characters who were there rose one after the other.

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And they all started to move to someplace.


- Ah, Ian and Shakran! It has been two hours after entering the dungeon, and half of it has already been taken over!

- Hines, the last point that they crossed, was it the half point of the dungeon?

- Yeah, that is right! The Lich Knight that Ian and Shakran just killed in the air, was the boss of the dungeon.

- Aha! Is that so?!

- Don't be so surprised! I heard that this was the point that the first team took one day to reach.

- Yeah, really?

- Haha, really, that is so great? The first party that had entered the dungeon was of only 15 people, and now the expedition has over a hundred users, but even after taking that into consideration, I didn't think that they could go through the middle boss in just two hours.

- Wow. This is the elite of the human systems first and second place rankers!

- Right! If they defeat only three more named, they'll pass the secret passage to the castle instead of going to the boss zone!

- Oh oh, is that the information from the expedition?

- Yes, this the information from Emily the well-known ranker of the Titan guild and Carwin of Lotus Guild.

- Then it must be true!

- That is right. And opening up so much information on air means that they are confident about clearing it up?

- Lotus and Titan! I'm just grateful for watching them.

The huge screen was illuminating.

The voice of the two casters flowed continuously, and a cracked voice responded while breaking the silence that was maintained in the room.

"Huhu, clearing confidence…"

Na Ji-chan scoffed listening to the commentary of Hines from the speakers while still seated on the couch.

The key creator of all the content was watching it, the Lotus and Titan trying to cross the 'River that cannot be crossed'.

"Emily and Carwin, did they get any ads in the YTBC? They gave out so many details to Hines."

Na Ji-chan leaned back deeper into the sofa while keeping his hand on his chin.

It was very difficult to keep his eyelids open due to the fatigue that he accumulated because of the long working hours, but falling asleep seemed a bit too unfair.

Soon very 'interesting' scenes were going to follow.

'It was a stupid move to spread out information publicly on YTBC…it sure is. Are you saying it all because you don't know that the episode is connected with the Devildom?'

Na Ji-chan was already getting excited while watching the broadcast.

Each component of the dungeon came out of his head, so every single scene where the rankers attacked the dungeon was very interesting to him.

Then Na Ji-chan who was watching the broadcast soon began to speak out,

"Kya, how did you know of the booby traps that would pop out from the blind spot? Really Shakran… your reaction rate is really amazing. How is an uncle in the 30s able to respond that quickly?"

"Keu, it hasn't been long since Ian had obtained the Phoenix; its abilities and how it applies? He really has a great understanding of the game."

Na Ji-chan started to feel sick while watching the play of Ian, he immediately went into his room and brought his laptop back to the living room.

It was his original plan to not turn on his laptop as he was tired, however, he was getting frustrated while listening to the commentary of Hines as he turned on his laptop.

It was frustrating as he wanted to explain the play of Ian god to the ignorant users.

Na Ji-chan quickly turned on his laptop, quickly logged in with his nickname 'IanHusband' and went online.

'Ian, I hope you exceed my expectations this time too.'

His hands moved on the keyboard as if knocking on a door.

It was because the 'big event' was going to start soon.


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