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Chapter 476 - The Unexpected Trap - Part 1


The underground prison at the Falcacio Castle wasn't actually a content that was intended to use a 'trap'.

However, since the flow of the episode didn't go as planned, a role that wasn't thought of was being played.

'Human users are going to try for the Lich King very soon… I never even thought of this.'

The underground prison was actually a 'link' between the Devildom and the Legion of Darkness.

If the episode had proceeded according to the existing scenario, the Lich King Chalian would have asked the help of Daedmon to help the Legion of Darkness take down the users of the human world.

A route that the Devildom users could use to enter the human world was the underground prison of the Falcacio Castle.

To be precise, the Chaos Gate that was opened in the third basement of the underground was a passage that was connecting the two dimensions.

Na Ji-chan, laughed while watching the broadcast.

"In 10 minutes, they will enter the 3rd basement."

Was the Chaos Gate available indefinitely?

Of course, that couldn't happen.

If that was so, then most of the users of the Devildom would enter, which would cause the downfall of the balance of the episode.

The Legion of Darkness itself was powerful enough to take on the human users, and if the infinite flow of the Devildom users came in, then the episode couldn't be cleared.

Because of that, the Chaos Gate could be used by only a limited number of users of the Devildom.

The gate could be used by clearing the very difficult 'Lich King Quest'.

In addition, the Chaos Gate could be available only once.

The Chaos Gate would get activated once all the rankers of the Devildom meet the necessary conditions. Once they were near the underground prison, it would blow up.

In other words, the Lich King was going with the concept of using the rankers of Devildom as mercenaries.

But before the Devildom users could clear the quest of the Lich King, the Legion of Darkness had fallen way too fast.

Before the mercenaries of the Devildom that the Lich King called could enter, the expedition of the humans had already reached the Falcacio Castle and discovered the presence of the underground prison.

If the siege went according to plan, the underground prison of the dungeon shouldn't have existed.

"This is fun. This unforeseen development is going more exciting than planned."

Na Ji-chan was watching TV while laughing, forgetting all the hardships that he had gone through due to Ian.

"No no, you couldn't have taken the shortcut to easily clear the Falcacio Castle. The content of the final episode, right?"

The underground prison was the 'shortcut' that one could take to easily enter from the defense line.

Chalian could blow up the trap any time.

That meant that the elite forces of Titan and Lotus had entered a 'trap' that could be blown any time.



[You have defeated the final boss of the 'Underground prison' dungeon of Falcacio the 'Giant Dragon'.]

[The fame of all the party members has increased by 50,000!]

[You have successfully cleared the 'Underground Prison' dungeon of Falcacio!]

[After 2 minutes, you will be automatically moved out of the dungeon.]

After defeating the giant dragon, the dungeon clear message had appeared in front of the user's eyes.

If it was a normal scenario, then all the users would've checked the maintenance of their equipment for a 2-minute duration before moving out of the dungeon.

From the inside of the dungeon, the voice of Shakran rang out.

"Search for the secret passage! Somewhere on the 2nd floor, there will be an entrance to the 3rd floor!"

3rd floor.

That was the secret passage of the Falcacio that would lead to the castle grounds.

The rankers who cleared the dungeon accidentally came across the secret passage. However, they couldn't find the exact location of it.

The Boss Zone where the boss of the dungeon was at had a terrain that changed randomly each time someone entered the dungeon.

Because of that, all the expedition users ran in all directions to find the entrance of the secret passage.

"Emily, you go to the North!"

"Okay, Ceilron!"

And Ian's familiars did the same.

Ian went with Halli after activating the Guardian of Wind and began to scout all the corners of the map.

[Time left before the dungeon reset (00:01:30).]

Once the dungeon had reset, it would automatically warp everyone back to the entrance of the dungeon.

Each time a second was wasted, the users would lose their minds.

If they didn't find the entrance of the secret passage before the time limit, they would have to clear the dungeon once again from the beginning.

And as time went by, the loss of troops on the outside of the castle would increase, so they had to find the entrance of the secret passage within the time limit.

[Time remaining: 00:00:49]

"50 seconds left! Move faster!"

"I don't think that anyone has been in that direction yet. I'll move there!"

The voices of tensed users could be heard everywhere.

Not knowing that they were searching the way for the 'trap', the users were desperately trying to find the entrance.

10 seconds or more had passed.

"Found it!"

The voice of someone rang through the dungeon, and a new system message appeared in the sight of all the users who were in there.


[The expedition member has found the hidden 'secret passage' entrance of the Falcacio Castle.]

[The time remaining for 'Dungeon Reset' has been increased by 3 minutes.]

[The entrance to the 'secret passage' dungeon leading to the Falcacio Castle has been opened.]

[Do you want to enter the dungeon? (Y/N).]

The users immediately accepted the system message.

And subsequently, the vision of the users began to turn dark.


- Indeed, Lotus and Titan! You have turned successful at finding the hidden dungeon in just one try!

- A dungeon within a dungeon.

- Although the system didn't give it a specific name, a dungeon that could be accessed through a dungeon was usually called a 'hidden dungeon'.

- It went along with the word 'Hidden' because the rewards that users would get there were much more than the normal dungeons.

- And the dungeon that the users currently entered to 'Falcacio Secret Passage' was the same kind of dungeon.

- However, this case was a bit special.

- Well, at this point, we have no choice but to call in a special guest! Mr. Foren, nice to meet you!

- Hehet, hello, everyone. I am also a viewer of YTBC; it is an honor to be here!

Foren was a personal broadcaster BJ who was famous for internet broadcasts.

He had a high level of 370; he had good control and talked well, too. He also maintained a high level in the top personal broadcasting rankings.

- Nice to meet you, Mr. Foren. You have been watching the broadcast with a lot of excitement?.

- That, Miss Lucia has asked me to say that so, I did.

- Hahat, Hines. I'm sure that there are many stories that you would like to share about Forens and you, but shall we put them off for now?

- That is right! At this very moment, the expedition team has broken through the 'secret passage' dungeon at a high speed, so there is no time to chat.

- Kay then, Mr. Foren, would you mind telling us the story when your party attacked the dungeon?

- From the 'Underground Prison' of Falcacio to the 'secret passage' dungeon.

Since the first party that discovered the passage belonged to BJ Foren, he was invited as a guest on YTBC.

Foren started to tell the whole thing.

- To think about it… firstly, I only remember that everything is like hell.

- Haha, how hard was it for you to compare it with hell?

- After catching the giant dragon and before seeing the hidden dungeon. I just wanted to go home.

- Ho ho, that is something we don't easily relate to when we see the expedition of Ian and Shakran.

- Haha, it is an honor for our party to be compared with those monster party members… After seeing the video, the viewers might think that it is a scam.

- Sca… scam?

- Yeah. Firstly, can a level 480 dragon be caught within a time frame of 15 minutes? After seeing those video users like me enter the dungeon, it might just turn into a bloodbath.

- I don't think that is the way a ranker is supposed to speak, but…

- In front of Ian God, level 370 would look like 37.

- Hahat, you think things like that might happen again?

The broadcast was very exciting.

First, the 'secret passage' of Falcacio was a dungeon and not a passage, which meant that high-level monsters would make an appearance, and the best rankers were in the expedition group, so great plays would surely be seen.

Na Ji-chan, a planner, fell in love with the talk.

"Foren, huh? I'll have to watch some videos of that BJ next time. You're good at talking man."

Na Ji-chan began to fall further deep into the conversation of the broadcasters, forgetting what he was originally watching.

However, that was just for a while, when suddenly Na Ji-chan's eyes began to shine.

That was because the expedition team suddenly stopped breaking through the dungeon and started doing their maintenance.

- Uh, what happened? Why did the expedition team stop?

- Mr. Foren, do you have any idea as to what situation might have occurred in there?

- No, I only have vague guesses…

Let's look at the screen of Ian's. We aren't able to identify the situation as there is a lot of distance between us.

The moment Hines said that the camera zoomed in on Ian.

And Na Ji-chan, who checked the system message on the personal screen of Ian, mumbled with a smile,

"Ho ho, got it. Got it."

A single system message line in a red text was on the corner of the screen.

[Chaos Gate has started to work.]

[Heterogeneous energy can be felt from the inside of the dungeon.]


No matter how great Ian was, there was no way he could escape it.

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The perfect trap had been triggered.

At least that was what Na Ji-chan had thought.


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