Taming Master | Chapter 478 | The Unexpected Trap | Part 3

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Chapter 478 - The Unexpected Trap - Part 3


The huge hammer of Thor fell on the floor with golden energy.

Kwang- Kwang-!

As the dust spread out around it, the whole area started to vibrate.

Seeing the rock crumble, Celia opened her mouth.

"This is really…. Falling…!"


As the dust subsided, passages were being created between.

The ignorant hammering of Thor created a small canyon.

'Surely, our majesty is great!'

Thought Celia with her gleaming eyes while staring at the back of Thor.

And it wasn't just Celia who saw the scene.

Hundreds of expedition troops who were behind her witnessed it.

"Oh-oh, if we can cross over here, we might really do it!"

"Yeah. Aren't we going to cross over the wall before the elite troops even infiltrate the secret passage?"

"Kue, by the way, why didn't we hear this operation in advance, why did it come out suddenly?"

"Well, the thought suddenly came into the mind of Ian. In fact, we didn't have a lot of troops, wasn't it a waste to draw the attention from the tower?"

Before entering the underground prison.

Ian gave Celia a special order.

- Celia.

- Yes, your majesty.

- I'll leave you with Thor, so move over to the east side of the outer wall?

- Uh hu…?

- The defense tower on the west side is too strong, and the terrain is a bit too bent, so there is no solution out there, however, you will be able to get over the rocky peaks if you have Thor with you.

- Sorry? Crossing the peaks? I'm not able to understand…

- If you look over there, see that relatively low rocky wall?

- Ah, yes, I see it. It looks a bit depressed in parts!

- I'll set aside the expedition troops, take Thor and go over there right away.

- And then?

- What do you think? Take it out.

- …!

- Those rocks can be pierced if Thor hits on it for an hour.

- Do you want to break open that rock?

- Yeah. If you manage to cross over there, you can travel straight to the east wall.

- Ah!

- Celia, please. Trying to put the whole hope on the secret passage is a bit too risky.

- Hu… I'll see to it, majesty! Please believe me!

- Thank you, Celia.

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Feeling some level of uncertainty about the underground prison, Ian though of making the most of the situation that he was in.

'If the underground is something like a trap, then the legion of darkness will be concentrated in there than on the outer side.'

Incase what Ian felt was right about the dungeon, he thought of using the situation to breakthrough using another route.

'Look for the gap when the enemy troops are in the underground prison. If you can go through that rocky wall and reach the east wall at once, that will be all we need.'

However, if the secret passage in the underground wasn't a trap, then it wouldn't be that easy for the strategy to work.

If the enemy troops are all normally headed, then it would be difficult to cross the wall with the troops placed on the outside.

However, if such a situation did arise, then Ian's elite group would've had already infiltrated the castle, and crossing the eastern wall wouldn't be needed.

Because the troops of Ian who have infiltrated the castle would open the main gates of the Falcacio castle.

In other words, sending Celia along with Thor was just like insurance.

Kung- Kung- Kung-!

Thor was hammering shortly, and slowly a passage was made between those rocky peaks for the expedition team to move while saving time.

And Yu Shin, who was in charge of the expedition on the east side, raised his flag and shouted,

"Okay, let's show the skills of our Fulios members too! We can't leave everything to Ian alone."


A variable was emerging in the east of Falcacio fields, as well as for the legion of darkness that was in the castle, and Hines was eagerly trying to relay the information of the battle.


'How to break it?'

The Chaos Gate that was burning red gradually started to take a form...

Finding the information of the Chaos Gate turned them all down.

- Chaos Gate

Durability: 162,800,000 / 162,800,000

Time remaining until operation: 00: 15: 23

'Is this really a quest that needs to be broken?'

The Chaos Gate had a crazy durability of 160 million.

Its defense couldn't be determined, but it was certain that it couldn't be broken in any normal manner.

Of course, it would work if the gate was attacked constantly for the 20 minutes without any interruption, but it wasn't like they would be given a situation with no interruption.

Many troops of the darkness legion had already entered the battlefield.

All that to keep the Chaos Gate into working.

All Ian could do was bite down his lip and swing his spear steadily.

Kwang- Bang-!

[You have caused deadly damage to the named monster 'Death Knight Karayan'!]

[Vitality of the 'Death Knight Karayan' has been reduced by 1,270,983!]

They were far from trying to break the gate, even approaching the gate was tough.

And as a result, in the head of Ian's, his order to Celia and Thor had come up.

'Uh, if I knew that such a crazed quest would be generated by coming here, I would have brought in Thor…'

However, it was just a thought that rose due to the frustration.

The fact that having Thor in there with him wouldn't have caused much difference and Ian knew that better than anyone.

The hammer of Thor was indeed powerful, but it wasn't invincible.

Even if it was Thor, trying to take the gate would have been in the odds.


Wide arranged attack spells started to take form due to the spells of Hoonie, and at the same time, Helliem's new type of dark form appeared, making him disappear into the darkness.


It was all thanks to the Dark Vision, a unique ability to hit the enemies of the dark attribute in the dark, the combination of Hoonie and Helliem was like a fantasy come true.

Kung- Kung-!

Helliem's shadow form flashed into motion assassinating the main units of the legion of darkness.

Specifically, the completely alive dark magicians were the main target as they demanded a high level of attack.

"Kiyaa, this guy is a dark knight! Isn't he the son of darkness?! Why is he attacking us?"

Screamed a dark warrior after taking in a single attack, however, the sword of Helliem didn't know about mercy.

"I am Helliem, the loyal servant for the Lotus!"


As a result, a purple glow burst out, and the dark magician fell down turning into ashes.

In the distance of Helliem was a Knight of death who was about to swing his sword, but unfortunately, Ian had seen that.

"Helliem, behind!"


At the fearful order from Ian, Helliem twisted his waist diagonally.

[Retainer 'Helliem' has evaded the attack from the Knight of Death.]

[The unique ability of the retainer 'Helliem', 'Dark Strike' has been triggered.]

With those two lines of system messages, Helliem once again blended into the darkness.


And naturally, he appeared behind the Knight of Death and sent his sword through him.


It was the passive ability of Helliem, he evaded the incoming attack and appeared behind the target, and dealt with 150% of the damage to the target.

At the powerful attack from Helliem when the opponent was in a defenseless state, even a level 430 death knight would have succumbed.

Helliem's damage that was dealt at level 470 was currently the strongest when compared to all the expedition members.

[You have successfully killed the 'Death Knight'!]

[Earned the experience of 32,827,509.]

Ian knocked down five named monsters with his perfect control, however, Ian didn't have a bright expression like he always had.

'Is there, is there no way out of this?'

The very moment, time was passing by very rapidly, and even though the gate wasn't accessed yet, they only had ten minutes of time left.

'It seems breaking it would be impossible… that is a fact. I need to find something else.'

After giving up on destroying the Chaos Gate, Ian's head started to work once again.

And the first thing that entered Ian's mind was, of course naturally, on how to escape.

'Should I try using the Beads of Dimension? Is there no way on trying to avoid them for 3 seconds straight?'

Ian's best choice was to use the Bead of Dimension which allowed him to go to any place that he has been to more than once.

However, it took 3 seconds of casting time for the dimensional door to open with the beads, just as Ian said.

And in case he takes in even a little damage while casting it, the portal would get canceled.

However, that wasn't the only problem.

Even if the portal was opened successfully, it was very obvious that the escape would be devastating.

'The gate can't be entered all at once, the time of the beads might run out too.'

There were too many limitations for using it.

'In addition, once the gate is opened, anyone could enter it without any difference. The Undead can enter and hinder our movement. If that happens, then there is no way out of that situation.'


Ian bounced off an Undead and rushed back to take a short breath.

Rather than killing the Undead right away, finding a way out of the situation seemed to take priority in the head of Ian.

'Jinsung, stay calm. There must be a way. There is a risk of caving in if this collapses…!'

But the very moment, Ian's head stopped working, his eyes went wide at the realization.

"Yeah! That is it!"

He suddenly clenched his fist and shouted out loud.

Hearing the voice of Ian in that tone, Shakran approached him and asked,

"Did you find a way out, kid?"

It was the feeling to hold onto even to a straw as the last resort, however, it was the only moment when taking over Shakran, who wasn't the priority for Ian.


With a smirk on his face, Ian opened his mouth towards Shakran.

"Uncle, let's give up on breaking the gate."

"Doesn't that…"

"Oh, hurry up. There is another way."


Ian smiled at Shakran who was still puzzled and pointed his finger at the Chaos Gate which was now nearing completion.

"Before that gate opens, take me forward please."


"Me from here, I'll take us out of here."


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