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Chapter 479 - Ian's Wit - Part 1


"Haha, even if it is Ian and Shakran, it will be hard to break the Chaos Gate."

Irahan's gaze was looking at the red gate that was forming in front of his eyes with a smile on his face.

- Chaos Gate

Durability: 131,751,624 / 162,800,000 (80.92 percent)

Time remaining until operation: 00: 03: 11

There was no way to see how the battle was going on through the gate, however, the vitality of the gate could be confirmed from the Devildom.

Because of that, the users of Devildom, all had smiles on their faces.

"Huhu, this making me jittery all over the body?"

"Three minutes left, they couldn't even cut down 20 percent of the durability of the gate till now."

"The human world users seem to be much weaker than our expectation."

"I know, right. Even I thought that they would be able to cut down around half of the durability."

The users of Devildom had a lot of thoughts running in their heads as they were going to fight the human users after a very long time.

And that too, as it was a battle that they would never lose.

'No matter how powerful they actually are, they won't be able to take us down when we have the buff of the Lich King.'

Dozens of rankers of the Devildom gathered in front of the Chaos Gate.

They were all the users who cleared the quest of the Lich King.

And in the course of the quest, the moment they pass through the Chaos Gate they would be given a strong buff.

In addition, human users wouldn't be ready to fight the asmodians.

With the human rankers already losing power while fighting the legion of darkness, it just didn't make sense for the human users to win against a new bunch of amsodian rankers.

"Now we have 2 minutes left."

At those words of Limlong, Irahan nodded and replied,


Irahan was grinding his teeth and muttering something.

"This time, I'll smash you in the right way, Ian."

"Ho, you're sure about that?"

"Obviously. If I won't be able to catch that guy in such a favoring situation for me, won't it be right for me to just delete my character and leave Kailan?"

Hearing that whisper between those two, Samuel Jin decided to pull the leg of Shakran.

"Well, aren't you supposed to make promises that you can actually keep?"

At those words, Irahan turned his head in a very fearsome way and responded,

"There will never come a situation where I'll have to fold off my game in Kailan, so you don't need to concern yourself with it."

"It doesn't look like I'm talking to the guy who got 10 levels taken away from Ian."


In the past, Irahan had experienced more than ten deaths due to the persistent attacks from Ian.

In other words, due to the death penalty, Irahan had lost more than 10 levels.

That was what Samuel Jin was referring about, that was like a ruin for Irahan.

"Man, I'll start by killing you first."

"Really? Then try if you can."


Irahan and Samuel Jin started to pounce on each other, giving off intensive stares.

Limlong who was watching this from the side shook his head and tried to mediate the situation.

"Woah, woah. We have one minute left. We should be doing this between ourselves, shouldn't we go and take down those human users?"


"Irahan, your reasoning for that time was the magic-resistance power that Ian had. But now while the legion of darkness is attacking, Ian can't have his setting to magic-resistance and we have the buff of the Lich King. So Irahan you can actually prove yourself this time."

Limlong worked really hard to mediate between those two and tried to uphold the pride of Irahan.

No matter how favorable the situation was for them, it would be difficult if they had internal conflicts right before the battle with the human users started.

'Hu, they are all idiots with a brain full of sh*t.'

Limlong couldn't help shaking his head and cursing Irahan and Samuel Jin inside.

Gaze went towards the system message that was floating above the gate.


"There is another way to break it?"

"I just said that."

"Kid, how do you plan on doing it?"

"I don't have the time to explain it right now, why don't you just put some trust in me, uncle?"

"Kuhm, fine. I'll trust you, only this once."

Though he was hesitant, it didn't take long for Shakran to decide.

Despite the fact that the lives of many guild members were on it, he decided boldly.

Although the user was 'Ian'—in whom he had a basic level of confidence in what he decided, however, it wasn't easy to take such a decision in the situation.

If it was some other regular rankers and not Shakran, then they wouldn't have proceeded with the request, unless listening to the whole explanation from Ian.

'I like uncle the most when he does things like this.'

A bold decision followed by a quick response.

This was enough to show how profound the play of Shakran was.

"From now on, focus on the path! Focus all the firepower in the center!"

After fearful orders fell from the mouth of Shakran, Ian summoned Hargasus.


It was because in the current situation there was no one who was competent as Hargasus in clearing the path till the gate.

'If we are able to descend well, we can absorb more than 90% of the damage.'

The unique ability of Hargasus 'descend' came with the ability to take in all the damage when triggered.

But the descend skill, as the name implied couldn't rise into the air.

It was a skill that could be activated by jumping into the air.

However, on the current terrain, the story was different.

A secret passage that looked like an explosion site.

The Chaos Gate that was being created was at the center of a huge crater, so the zone was lower when moved closer to the gate.

In other words, it was a situation where he could use descend without having to jump off the floor again.

'If the inclination was a bit more, then it would've been very comfortable. However, this is fine too.'

Hargasus activated the descend skill and slide down the arena into the air.

And in order to absorb the damage, he has to disable the descend and then activate it again.

As the moment it gets triggered was the only point where the damage was absorbed.

Therefore, with decent control, the descend had to be on and off when the enemy attacks.

If so, then could the ability of descend absorb an infinite amount of attacks from the enemy?

There was no way that could have happened.

The descend could be triggered only when in the air.

At the moment of turning the descend on and off, the Hargasus falls vertically.

The more the on and off of the descend, the faster was the fall to the floor.

In other words, the farther one was from the place, the more often can the descend be triggered.

Ian wanted to make the most of the slope and approach the gate with minimal damage.

"Hargasus, descend!"

The black wings spread out of Hargasus and dark energy began to emanate all around it.

It was for a passing moment.

Ian's control over the short timing and stopping the attacks were quite incredible.

"One dealer, stop hitting the gate, and try to open the path in front of me!"

Ian ordered in a loud voice and quickly rushed to the gate avoiding the Undead.

And his sight noticed something on the gate.

[Time remaining until operation: 00: 00: 23]

'Nice, I can do it!'

Almost on a touching distance, the Chaos Gate was being approached.

Ian clenched his teeth and shook his spear.

Kwang- Kwangg-!

[You have successfully caused deadly damage to the dark legion's 'Skeleton Warrior'!]

[You have successfully defeated the Skeleton Warrior!]

[You have successfully defeated the 'Death Knight'!]

The defense of the Undead wasn't so easy.

Later they knew the fact that Ian was approaching the Gate which made the scattered troops block everything in front of him.

'Uh, this part needs to be drilled a little more…'

Time limit that was counting the very moment.

[Time remaining until the operation: 00:00:07]

The remaining distance of the Chaos Gate was very less, almost just 5 meters, however before it could be reached—three seconds were left.

For the plan of Ian to work, there was a need for exactly three seconds.


Ian's spear hit the dark golem's thighs that was in front of him.


[You have caused deadly damage to the 'Dark Golem' of the darkness legion.]

[The vitality of the 'Dark Golem' is reduced by 1,698,092.]

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Ian used the dark golem as a stepping stone and used it to recoil into the air once again.

Right then, the message that Ian had been waiting for had appeared in front of him.

[The unique ability of the item 'Judgement of the Spirit King', 'Connect' has been activated.]

Ian squeezed onto the handle of the spear nor even realizing it.

'Please… guardian of wind!'

The best skill that could be utilized in the current situation with 'connect' was the unique ability of Halli, the 'Guardian of Wind'.

But among the familiars of Ian which were summoned, there wasn't any unique ability that could be used.

[Familiar 'Bbakbbak' has responded to connect.]

[Activated the unique ability of familiar 'Bbakbbak', 'Absolute Defense'.]

[You will be invincible for 5 seconds. (Because of the physical condition, 50% of the original factor has been applied.)]

Bbakbbak's unique ability 'Absolute Defense' has been triggered.

But in the current situation where he had to pass through the Undead in front of him, this was a worthless ability.

However, Ian decided to go ahead without any disappointment.

'Well, I can do it this way.'

Thinking of a way immediately, Ian raised his spear to the air.

And loudly ordered to Pin who was busy attacking someone in the air.

"Pin, rush towards the gate!"


All the eyes of the enemy were trying to find a way to fill the gap.


Pin rushed towards the gate at high speed, almost emitting a large amount of profanity around it.

Subsequently, from the mouth of Ian came the skill 'Space Warp' after a very long time.

"Space Distortion!"


Ian's survival skills made Ian move at a speed similar to that of his familiar.

Using that, Ian moved over to the gate.

And that wasn't just the end.

The time remaining for the gate to operate was exactly 3 seconds.

There was a 'bead' that was shining very brightly in the hand of Ian.

"Get f*cked, you bastards!"

And the next moment, another purple shinning gate appeared on top at the very coordinate where the Chaos Gate was opened.


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