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Chapter 480 - Ian's Wit - Part 2


Ian's idea of 'a great play' wasn't something else.

It was the Dimensional Bead that he had received from Gripper.

The dimensional bead was an item that one could use to move to a place that he or she had visited before. An item that could open a portal anywhere.

They would install the dimensional portal at the same time the Chaos Gate opened, and the Asmodians would pass over to another space as soon as they came through it. This was the novel solution that Ian had come up with.

'Kue, I think I just admired myself.'

Ian was praising himself out of admiration.

However, there was still one thing that he was worried about.

It was where to send the Asmodians that were supposed to enter.

'Who will be coming from the Devildom? Are the NPC monsters and magical beasts coming, or the users of the Devildom? Where is the best choice to send them?'

The first place that Ian thought of was to return them back to the Devildom where they came from.

However, he soon realized that it wasn't appropriate.

'I can't do that as I don't know how long the Chaos Gate will be open.'

If the Chaos Gate stayed longer than the dimensional door, then they might come over once again.

That strategy was simply an invalid solution.

If so, then how should they be stopped?

The next place that came into the mind of Ian was the Dragon's Altar, an unknown portal where Ian almost entered.

'Yeah, they won't be able to come back easily. If my guess is right, there is the Middle-earth…'


Right among the Dragon Altar.

If the Asmodians were sent to the Dragon's Altar, which was believed to be the domain of the Dragon God Seikaito, they wouldn't be able to return to the human world.

But another thought crossed the mind of Ian.

There was a problem with that.

'No. Not there either. I still haven't even stepped in there.'

It was unacceptable for the First to Discover reward of the Middle-Earth to be given to the users of Devildom.

Then the last place was…

'Yeah, that will be great. I need to have some trust in myself, too.'

As soon as the Chaos Gate opened, another dimensional door was created at the same time.


Kang- Ka- Kang-!

At regular intervals, a cheerful beep started to ring.

In the capital of the Lotus Kingdom, the Pyro Domain, the most prosperous city, construction was happening in a full swing.

The most prosperous and fastest-growing city.

The Pyro Domain collected the most taxes than any other estate, which was why new buildings constantly got built.

The Pyro Domain was the most well-preserved, including its fortification, as it shared borders with other kingdoms.

Perhaps they had the most high-leveled tier of a castle or the most outstanding defensive tower of the NPC kingdoms.

"Hold on! Not that way, it is this way, Han. Turn a little more to the left side!"

"Oh, alright! Graham, you are a great architect. There is a reason why our majesty chose to work with you."

"Ha ha ha, obviously. I'm the great architect of the Colonnare continent."


The user named 'Graham' had grey hair.

A dwarf was having a warm conversation with him.

The two of them had been in contact, and their communication had been going on for over a year.

The one who introduced them to each other was none other than Ian.

'Keu, why is it that I haven't been gaining many friends in the real word? I met a friend who can understand my architectural philosophy in the virtual reality game…'

Park Si-young, a professor in the Department of Architecture at the Korea University, who was a close friend of Lee Jin-wook.

His Kailan ID was 'Graham'.

'Huhu, if I could, I would want to block everything and live in Kailan all day long.'

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Graham, or Park Si-young, wasn't a huge fan of games.

He wasn't in the age to like games, but he was someone who thought that 'architecture' was the only interesting thing in life.

In addition, because of his sons who were always playing games, they became tired and got bored with it.

However, after he started playing Kailan due to Lee Jin-wook, he was under a completely different idea.

Nowadays, his sons felt that he was losing his self-control.

And the reason was simple.

In Kailan, he was able to do his favorite architecture indefinitely.

In the beginning, he used to shake his head when Lee Jin-wook used to ask.

At first, he thought that there would be a lack of reality aspect as it was a game.

Even then, he was curious about it and wanted to see the game for himself.

Almost like a black hole.

"How in the word was such an engine physics be developed for the game? Shouldn't a Nobel Prize be given to such dynamic creations?"

"This… really crazy, huh?! Here I get to build everything that I want to build!"

And since then, he had been playing the game like an addict and moved his career up as an architect.

However, the road to being an architect was tough.

The cost of performing architecture in Kailan wasn't much different from the real world.

He hunted very hard to earn more money, and he didn't hesitate even if he spent all day hunting.

However, one day, he was introduced to a guy named 'Park Jinsung' through his close friend Lee Jin-wook.

"Si-young, he is my prized student. He will be able to provide you with infinite work."

Lee Jin-wook couldn't be more correct in saying that.

Jin-wook's student with the ID of 'Ian' really gave him work.

It was literally a blessing for Si-young.

Lotus, the fastest growing guild in Kailan.

From small estates up to the kingdoms, there was no city that was untouched by Si-young.

It was the dream of any architect to construct buildings starting from urban planning.

"Oh, this city is a work of mine!"

And the cities that were born in the hands of the prominent architect were more beautiful than any city in Kailan.

Though it was a thing to feel proud about, it was all because of the help he had received from Lotus.

"Professor that is amazing!"

"Huhu, you think so?"

"Now, go to the Milner Domain."


"Starting with the overall planning of the city, I'll leave everything to you—professor. The budget is 37 billion gold."


And then one day, fate made Professor Park Si-young met 'Han'.

The dwarf that Ian had brought from the Devildom.

He made a suggestion to Si-young, and it was enough to appeal to the professor.

"Human, why not build a fortress with me?"

"If you're not aware, I have already designed many of them."

"No, no. I'm not talking about any ordinary fortress."


"The range of all the defensive towers and the siege forces. Let's make a perfect fortress that has a great range of mages and siege weapons."


"That is at least the level of perfection that can't be attacked unless one had ten times the defense."

Since then, Graham had been the resident of the Pyro Domain.

The defense that had originally been built of the estate of Pyro were the works of Graham, but he began to take it down as he wanted a fresh start.

And today was the same.

There was a castle that hadn't been used since the imperial war, and Han along with Graham were constantly hammering.

For them, the current place was a 'work' rather than their concept of defense.

Kang- Kang- Kang-!

Each time Han moved his hammer, the defense of the fortress began to take shape.

And as he saw it, Graham smiled with satisfaction.

"Huhu, if someone falls in here, they would really taste hell."

"Right. If we, the ones who made this confusing maze don't know the way out, how would some random person know it?"

"Well, the siege won't be able to get over this, right?"

"If the siege can get here, that is."

"Keuk. If you put it that way, then it means that it is impossible for the enemies to get here."

"Well, that is."

One word after the other, the two people really went well together.

However, Graham suddenly noticed something.

"Uh, Han, look over there!"

"What is it, Graham?"

"A portal is opening up there!"

At those words from Graham, Han moved his head in the direction.

They saw a purple portal slowly opening.

The two had no idea what it was, but they began to look with an exciting look.

They saw powerful enemies from the portal. They could see now the true value of what they created.

The two were actually hoping for a Devildom wave to start.

"Invasion! All defense towers get ready!"

"Invoke a slow trap at that coordinate!"

"No one should be able to get to the fortress!"

The defense troops of the Pyro Domain began to move in unison.

But after a while, the excited expression of the two of them went down after a while.

They were expecting some mighty magical beast to be summoned out of the purple gate. However, the one who was expecting was the dwarf.

There was no way for the two people to check what was going to come out of the portal.

The moment the portal started to open, dozens of towers were opened and directed at the point of the portal.

Kwang- Kwang-!

However, system messages blocked the sight of Graham.

[Defense Tower 'C-76' defeated the Devildom User "Irahan".]

[Defense Tower 'C-63' defeated the Devildom user 'Samuel Jin'.]

[Defense Tower 'C-92' defeated the Devildom user 'Karer'.]

Graham who knew that some kind of situation had arisen, shook his head and sighed.

'Maybe there was a bug in the Devildom. To send beginner users of the Devildom in here.'

System messages regarding the defense didn't go to Han as he was an NPC.

Graham just sighed.

'Irahan? Samuel Jin? Where did I hear those names? They look like kids who made their ID names similar to that of rankers.'

Graham wasn't interested in anything but architecture.

As dozens of top defense towers were all concentrating their attack at one point, the damage couldn't be calculated.

In fact, when designing the fort, Han had dedicated some part of it to the damage calculation.

In addition, he wasn't interested to go back to the place where he came from, even if famous user IDs such as Irahan would use him.

'Dammit, why do those people keep coming over here? How unfortunate…'

The only thing that he could speculate was that some poor lambs were being sacrificed by the bugs of Kailan.

Han with his eyes wide opened, spoke in the direction of Graham.

"Graham, do you have any idea who they are?"

"Well, I'm not so sure about it either."

"Hum… we aren't able to confirm what just came through the portal. I need you to keep an eye on it."

Han who was looking at the situation with a blank face was interrupted by Graham who was walking away from there.

"Han, let's get back to work."

"You want to?"

"Seeing this is not worth wasting our time."

Han once again looked over at the point of fight and quickly followed Graham.

The two people who moved out were considering the top 0.01% rankers of the Devildom as beginner Asmodians.


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