Taming Master | Chapter 481 | Ian's Wit | Part 3

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Chapter 481 - Ian's Wit - Part 3



[Entered the Chaos Gate.]

[Moving to the 'Human Dimension'.]

[You have entered the 'Secret Passage' of the Falcacio Castle.]

Dark energy filled the dark ground along with the sound of explosions that were blowing up everywhere. The users of the human dimension were fighting the Legion of Darkness.

After seeing that scene unfold, Limlong smiled with a warm expression.

'Ho ho, the timing is all good. I'll sweep them all.'

Limlong was excited with the thoughts of sweeping up the rankers of the human dimension.

['Lich King's protection' buff has been initiated.]

[All combat abilities have been improved greatly.]

A strong buff support had been provided by the Lich King to the black-suited assassin.

Now all that was left was to hunt through the battlefield and harvest the loot.


Limlong was trying to get past the dark forces.

His goal was to take down the healers who were behind the human users.

An assassin's most important role on the battlefield was to incapacitate the support of the opponent soundlessly.

'Nice. Is all the personnel over there?'

As soon as he took a step into the human world, Limlong who came past the Devildom turned and looked over at the portal.

The Chaos Gate was a structure that a large number of people couldn't enter at the same time, but by the time he had come, almost everyone from their side had successfully crossed over.

But the next moment….


Limlong was starting to doubt his own eyes.

There was a strange colored portal right in front of the Chaos Gate. The remaining users of the Devildom were less than 30% of the total number.

'What the… What the hell happened here?!'

No matter how big he made his eyes, the other major ranking Asmodians couldn't be seen.

The first thought that came through the mind of Limlong was if the other rankers of the guild deliberately pushed him forward to avoid any possible trap.

'Are they trying to f*ck with me right now?'

Flustered, Limlong immediately opened the party chat by opening the options of the chat window.

As he liked to move alone, the chat was always turned off.

So if he opened the chat, there was a possibility of knowing what was happening.


[The party member user 'Irahan' died.]

[The party member user 'Samuel Jin' died.]

[The party member user 'Martin' died.]

'What is this supposed to mean…!?'

As soon as he opened the party chat, the messages that constantly came up were unbelievable; the users had died.

Even if around thirteen users died, the rest of the users didn't even reach the gate.

Limlong hid in a corner and hurriedly typed in the party chat.

Limlong: Guys, what kind of situation are we in right now?

Karia: Limlong, you're alive! That was exactly what I'm trying to figure out. Why is everyone dying as soon as they enter?

Larks: Uh, I'm hiding in a corner now. No matter how I see it, this looks like a trap.

Limlong: Trap?

Larks: Yes. I think that the purple portal is a trap. I saw it from the side, and as soon as they moved, all the people got sucked in there and then died.

Limlong: …!

Limlong, who just heard that absurdity, started to think.

He was under the impression that the human users were the ones falling in the trap; instead, they fell into the trap of the humans.

'Whose scheme is it? Ian? Was it Shakran?'

Limlong fully understood it now.

The 'portal overlap' by human users, they were being beaten very perfectly.

'I survived because I was lucky. I would've been a goner.'

The Chaos Gate had a slightly higher area than the mysterious purple gate.

Because of the purple portal, the summoned Asmodian users were getting sucked in.

It wasn't something that Ian hadn't calculated, but it wasn't that important now.

Anyway, more than half of the Asmodians were in confusion, and the other half users weren't even going to come to the current location.

And the core power of the group, the rankers of the Asmodians, were all dead.

In that situation, no matter how hard he tried to think of a way, Limlong just couldn't find a solution.

'Shit! Do I have to get back to the Devildom through the Chaos Gate?'

After checking out the remaining time on his 'Conceal' skill, Limlong bit his lip.

Martin: Come one, ahhh!

[The party member user 'Martin' died.]

Larks: Um? Why did Martin die twice? I remember seeing the death message a minute earlier…

Limlong: He must have triggered some resurrection relic.

Larks: Oh shit, that must have been crazy expensive…

Karia: Martin's resurrection relic cost around 17 million gold, I think.

Limlong: Well, it is junk now.

Karia: …

He was chatting all funnily, but Limlong wasn't joking at all.

'I have to do something. Well, I can't really go back to the Devildom without doing anything.'

Even returning to the Devildom wasn't easy.

If he stepped even a little off, then he might end with a black screen in front of him like Irahan or Martin.

'How many of the rankers will go back? Or should the remaining ones all step back?'

After thinking about the situation, Limlong looked around the battlefield.

At that time, however, a system message appeared before his eyes.


[Special conditions have been met!]

[The quest 'Lich King's Request for Support II (Hidden) (Sudden)' has been triggered.]

Limlong who quickly confirmed the content of the quest couldn't help but smile.


"Ha, ha haa…."

Na Ji-chan crushed the remote control that was in his hand while he was watching TV with a nervous expression.

Na Ji-chan shook his head and leaned back into the couch.

"Well, was such a fresh guy there all this time?"

A strategy consisting of stacking another portal on top of an existing portal and sending the incoming party to another place.

That was something that couldn't enter the mind of anyone no matter how much they thought.

The moment that Ian pulled out the shiny beads, Na JI-chan who noticed Ian's intention couldn't help but jump out of his seat.

Na Ji-chan was surprised because of the quick decision making and response of Ian in such a situation.

The solution that Ian found wasn't something that came to his mind when sitting comfortably on a desk.

He thought of such an idea while he was controlling a large number of familiars on the battlefield.

The time that was given to them was too short for Ian to come up with any decent ideas.

It was surprising as it couldn't be done.

"Huhu, am I still underestimating Ian?"

Even though Na Ji-chan was just seeing it, he was already sweating.

He wiped the sweat off his forehead and started to focus on the TV screen again.

"I need to think differently now. Maybe Ian got away from the last trap."

The surprised expression of Na Ji-chan went away, and he got excited again.

The crisis that would come for the human users wasn't done yet, and he was the only one who knew about that.

Overcoming the Asmodian users entering their world, that was the first challenge that the humans have to face. However, the remaining traps that the humans would face would be impossible to overcome.

'By now the surviving Asmodians would be given the Lich King's support requesting quest. The quest is activated when more than half of the Asmodian users received a quest.'

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Just as Na Ji-chan predicted, the successful ones who entered the battlefield and survived were indeed given the quest 'Lich King's request for support II' quest.

The content of the quest was to simply blow up the dungeon.

"Ian… how will you survive a dungeon collapsing over you?"

As long as the Asmodians' support didn't work properly, the human users will have the chance to destroy the gate soon.

And if they went deeper into the dungeon, they would come across the 'Dark Crystals'.

'In order for the human users to survive, they must find those dark crystals faster than the Asmodians. That is going to be excitingly chaotic.'

But the fact that the human users had to find the dark crystals was literally 'impossible'.

As the human users weren't even aware of the existence of such a thing, the Asmodians have arrived into the human world.

However, Na Ji-chan decided to not think about the 'impossible'.

"So, how are you going to overcome this? Please show it to me quickly, Ian."

Na Ji-chan was rather thinking that Ian might be able to overcome this hurdle as well.

He was cheering for Ian, forgetting his role as a chief-planner.


Many undead monsters were trying to kill the human users who were gathered in front of the Chaos Gate to break it.

And words of shock came out of their mouths.

"Oh, what's that portal?"

"Kya… Ian, what kind of spell did you do?"

In the meantime, Hoonie who knew that Ian opened a portal shook his head.

'Definitely, I should never have that hyung as an enemy. Until I decide to fold the game, I'll follow that hyung.'

In the past, there were a few thoughts about him trying to get away from Ian. Now, Hoonie decided that it was wrong.

Hoonie glanced over at Ian and carefully asked what he wanted.



"Where did you send them?"

He was wondering where the dimensional gate was opened to.

"If you are curious, go in and see. Do you want me to throw you there?"


At those words of Ian, Hoonie joined his hands and ran away from him.

And that was a natural situation.

Going into the place where he didn't know, that was literally suicide.

This time Shakran, who was diligently putting damage to the gate, asked Ian,

"By the way kid, do we have to break this gate?"

"Quest says to break it."

"Wasn't the quest cleared, anyway? The time limit has already passed?"

"That… isn't the time limit. It was the gate activation time limit. Does clearing the quest have anything to do with that time? Open the quest window and check it yourself if you want."

"Uh, that is true."

In the meantime, Ian who remembered the contents of the quest even when he didn't completely read it with much concentration, clicked his tongue and looked at the gate that was getting attacked by the users.

After a moment.


[You have successfully destroyed the Chaos Gate!]

[You have successfully completed the quest 'Destroy the Chaos Gate (Hidden) (Sudden)'.]

[Obtained experience of 120,930,000.]

[Acquired fame of 100,000.]

Quest completion messages came into Ian's sight, and the red gate suddenly started to fade away.

With those rewards, the users became very satisfied.

"Keu, should we go in quickly?"

"Obviously. Aren't we here to break through everything in here to get to Falcacio?"

Excited users of the expedition began to move enthusiastically.

However, right then, the eyes of the users turned alert with the system message that they didn't expect.


[The quest 'Secret passage Detonation' has been triggered.]


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